Getting started
  1.  What is MA Fixture Share

    The MA Fixture Share is a platform for the exchange of MA fixture types. Here you have access to fixture types that were upload onto the platform. You can upload fixture types and share files with other users. Download collections of fixture types such as the best rated or the latest versions (revisions) of any fixture type.

    In addition, the MA Fixture Share provides a tagging system to identify if the fixture has been tested in real life or in MA 3D by other users. All fixture types checked by MA Lighting have an MA tag.

    You can rate and comment on files, see their footprint and how many channels and instances they have.

  2. Login and User Profile

    To access the MA Fixture Share, go to

    If you have accessed the MA Fixture Share for the first time, create a user profile.

    Login Screenshot

    • Click "Register"

    The form "Create new user" opens.

    Create User screenshot

    Enter the following data:

    • User name and password

    • Valid e-mail address

    Proceed as follows:

    1. Enter captcha.
    2. Click "Continue".
    3. The Terms of Use open.
    4. Fully read the Terms of Use.
    5. Check the checkbox.
    6. Click "Agree".
    7. You will then receive a validation e-mail and be redirected to the login page. If you prevent redirecting, the link will be displayed. Check your inbox and click the validation link in the e-mail.
    8. "Thank you for validating your profile" is now displayed above the login form.
    9. You can now log in.
  3. Overview

    start page screenshot

    The title bar displays the current state of the menu on the left side. Icons are displayed in the upper right corner of the menu.

    The main menu is displayed on the left. The search bar is displayed on the right of the green input field.  To search the database by manufacturer, fixture, mode, and revision, type any term and press Enter on your keyboard.

    Search rules:

    • To stop the search, disable a search filter.
    • Terms separated by white spaces are treated as single terms. Each column that is activated is searched for each parameter.
      To group the terms, separate them by white spaces and add quotation marks.
    • The search is not case-sensitive.

    To display all fixture types of a specific manufacturer in the second column of the overview, select a manufacturer.
    To display all modes of a fixture, click the entry of a fixture. If you click on a mode, the menu collapses and a list of revisions of this mode is displayed.

    To collapse the menu, click the bar on the left side. uncollapse icon

    The revision view is divided into two sections. The upper section displays a list of revision lines that have been created. The lower section displays further information.

    revision view screenshot

    If a revision is selected, the revision line is marked. Each revision line displays icons.

    These icons are:

    download icon Download single files (default library files are downloaded as .xmlp file)
    delete icon Own revisions may be deleted. If you only have a single revision in this category, deleting it also deletes the category in this fixture.
    favorite icon Add this file as a favorite (gray = no favorite, yellow = favorite)
    report icon Report this file to admin (red if already reported)

    rateing example Rate a file in the column "Rating" using one to five stars. The number in brackets represents the number of people who have rated the file. Full stars represent the average rating of all users. If you rate a file, the stars start to glow with the rating number you have selected.

    Icons in the column "Tags":

    original library icon The file is a part of the auto-generated MA Library
    irl icon

    Tested with a real fixture (displayed in yellow if tagged, glowing if tagged by a current user)
    3d icon

    Tested in MA 3D (displayed in yellow if tagged, glowing if tagged by a current user)
    ma_approved icon Tested by an employee of MA (yellow if tagged by an employee of MA)

    The upper section also displays the revision name, the DMX footprint, the count of instances, the date of the upload, and the minimum version of grandMA2/dot2 that is required in order to use a file.

    To display further information in the lower section of the menu, click a revision line.

    The info title bar is displayed in a blue box in the middle of the menu. The info title bar displays the manufacturer, fixture, mode, and the revision text you have selected. If a revision has been reported, the info title bar changes its color to orange and displays a short text.

    The lower section of the menu displays the DMX footprint of the current revision. The DMX footprint is displayed in two views. In the Smart View, the instances of a revision are grouped by the modules. The Plain View displays the plain DMX Footprint of the revision. Notes that were included in the fixture file before the  upload are displayed below the DMX Footprint. The Revision history is displayed below the Notes. It displays older versions of the revision.

    Leave your comment in the box on the right. You can also browse through other comments.

  4. Title Bar Icons

    These icons are displayed in the upper right corner of the menu. To open the view corresponding to the icon, click the icon. To close the view, click the icon once again.

    1. Footprint Search  footprint search icon

    2. To open the footprint search, click the foot icon.

      footprint search screenshot

      The footprint search displays MA fixtures with attributes that are supported. Add one or more attributes to your search from the menu and the site starts to search for all revisions that provide these attributes.

      To display a pre-indexed input field per attribute, check the checkbox "Channel numbers". If you check the checkbox, the site starts to search for all revisions that provide these attributes. To display more attributes of a fixture, check the checkbox "Open end".

    3. Upload  upload icon

    4. The upload icon calls a new view.

      prepareu upload screenshot

      To proceed, click "Choose fixture to upload". Choose an '.xml or .xmlp' revision file on your computer. Once you have selected a file, the button "Proceed" appears.

      To continue, click "Proceed".

      perform upload screenshot

      The upload dialog opens. If the file you have selected is not misspelled, it will be analyzed.

      To verify the file you have uploaded, see the file name displayed below the title bar of the dialog. The information regarding the file is displayed below the file name.

      The upload dialog displays a table. Fixtures that were uploaded, are stored in the column "Manufacturer".

      Each column of the table displays "Filter" in a green field. To browse faster through the lists, use the filter. To add a new entry, click "Add a new one...". The entry is displayed in a blue entry field. Type the new item in this field and press Enter on your keyboard.

      If you have typed an item that already exists, a pop-up appears. A pop-up also appears if there are similar entries.

      similars popup

      If there is a hit, click the entry to select the item in the actual list. If you are sure that the entry you have typed is correct and there are no other similar entries, click "No, I want the orig!".

      To upload a file, type an entry in each of the columns.

      Enter a text into the green input field "Revision" below the table.

      If the file has successfully been uploaded, "File uploaded" is displayed. To return to the previous view, click "Ok".

      If you would like to upload a new file, click "Clear file".

      To leave the upload dialog, click "X" in the upper right corner below the title bar.

    5. Download Center  download center icon

    6. Download a collection of files here. Check the checkboxes and then click "Download .zip". Default library files are downloaded as .xmlp files.

      downloadcenter screenshot

    7. Favorite View  favorites icon

    8. To display a list with all the favorites, click this icon. Use a filter in this list.

      favorite view screenshot

    9. Update User Profile  user update icon

    10. Displays information of your profile. To change user name, password or the e-mail address, click into the corresponding field. After adjusting the profile, click "Update profile". To return to your profile, click "Back".

      update profile screenshotupdate profile category screenshot